Here is what our satisfied attorney subscribers have to say about our Litigation Guides:

I have been using FloridaLitigation.com as one of my top litigation resources for several years. Not only does it do an excellent job of outlining the required elements and defenses associated with a cause of action, it also allows an attorney too verify that all appropriate causes of actions have been included in the complaint. It is a must-have tool for any modern litigator.

Stafford N. Shealy, Esq., F.E.


I have been practicing law for 50 years and I have found The Florida Litigation Guide to be the easiest and sharpest tool in the legal research bag. Those who manage the guide are quick to respond to any problems one might encounter in using this research tool. The guide offers a wealth of information on numerous civil causes of action and defenses.

Phillip Kuhn, Esq.
Lakeland, Florida

I love The Florida Litigation Guide, and have relied upon it for years.  I’ve actually promoted it several times when I’ve spoken at CLE’s. I recommend it highly..

Tracy P. Moye, Esq.
Moye Law Firm


I am a sole practitioner, and use the Guide on a regular basis. It saves me countless hours of research and is without a doubt the most cost efficient resource within my office.

J. Dinkins G. Grange, Esq.

Since 2002, Marc Wites’ The Florida Litigation Guide has ordinarily been one of the first reference materials I go to when working on a new case. When drafting complaints (or motions to dismiss) it is an excellent source for quickly determining the elements of a cause of action, and for finding appellate decisions in the district in which the case is located which state and apply those elements. It is also very useful as a starting point when drafting affirmative defenses, particularly in commercial litigation type cases. I would also mention that the affirmative defenses in the guide ordinarily state the statute of limitations for the cause of action in question. So it is also a handy tool for quickly determining statute of limitations periods.

Byron R. Cornwell, Esq.

Thank you for your Florida Litigation Guide. It is invaluable. It is such a help. I refer to it daily. I originally bought it for my young associate, however, I find myself referring to it on a regular basis. Your Guide has enabled me to analyze and litigate cases I never would have otherwise accepted. I love your Guide!

Mara Alyson, Esquire
Law Office of Mara Alyson, P.A.

I absolutely love your guide. It saves me a ton of time.

Michael McDaniel
McDaniel Law Firm, P.A.

I find it hard to believe that I ever practiced law without The Florida Litigation Guide. The Guide is deceptive in its simplicity; it is easy to use, but it delves deeply into literally everything. I rely upon it whether I am defending a case or trying to find causes of action to bring on behalf of a client. It is always the first resource I turn to when starting a research project. It is often the last source, too. The manner in which Marc keeps the Guide updated ensures that it will remain a useful tool for me.

Jason B. Wolf, Esq.
Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A.

The Florida Litigation Guide is always one of my most important first references when I work on a new case. Because I am a solo practitioner I always use practice guides that provide me with the help an experienced partner could provide. This valuable resource certainly provides what I need at those problematic moments when I really need some vicarious know how.

Donnie Goodwin, Esq.
Goodwin Law Offices, P.A.

When I found myself newly solo with no one to talk to I decided that the Florida Litigation Guide would be my new companion. When I hired my associate, I made sure that the Guide was always in his office so that he had the ready reference. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “I know that”. The Guide shows that one does not always “know that ” or that the law has changed. .

The online access is particularly useful when you get hit with an issue on the fly. Having ready access to “the elements” is certainly worth the price of a subscription. One of the best legal research values around.

Marc S. Dobin, Esq.
Dobin Law Group, P.A.

The Florida Litigation Guide has helped my practice in succinctly presenting the elements necessary to plead and prove many different numerous causes of action for which I have drafted complaints. I also use its clear and concise index any time a new legal scenario is presented so that I can foresee and evaluate any potential cause of action which may be supported by the facts at hand. I consider the Guide to be like a trusted legal colleague that ensures that my analysis is as broad as possible, yet razor sharp as to the details.

Steve Barker, Esq.
The Law Office of Stephen Barker

I became a fan of the Florida Litigation Guide when I opened my own diverse practice many years ago. After years of utilizing the Guide myself, I hired a first-year associate and impressed upon her the incredible help the Guide can be for a young lawyer. She now uses the Guide as her go-to resource for drafting pleadings. I am still grateful that Marc introduced me to his Guide when we met over 15 years ago. Every litigation firm should have the Guide as part of its resources.

Alexander Alvarez, Esq.
Law Office of Alexander Alvarez

I am a huge fan of The Florida Litigation Guide. The Florida Litigation Guide is a must-have tool for seasoned attorneys, rookies, and everyone in-between. The time it saves by providing a concise and reliable map for any litigator is invaluable. I’m happy to renew and will continue using the great resource you’ve put together.

Brent D. Kimball, Esq.

I wanted to take the time to write my recommendation and endorsement of the Florida Litigation Guide. I am a partner at a 30 member law firm, and I have used the Florida Litigation Guide in my own cases, as well as a great tool in teaching the younger lawyers at my firm how to draft a complaint, and defend a complaint.

The Florida Ligation Guide has been an effective tool for me, as it provides me with a simplified way to easily look up the elements of different causes of action I can bring in the myriad of cases I handle. Also, it has the different affirmative defenses listed, with case law, so that makes it easy to reference the various defenses when I need to answer a complaint.

Lastly, it has been an effective tool for me to be cost effective for my clients, as I don’t have to charge my clients for needless time researching the elements of a cause of action, or the different defenses, as the Florida Litigation Guide has all this information easily accessible. Therefore, the client saves money, I work faster, and I am able to do the client’s case in the most cost effective way, without having to charge the client for needless research.

I have been using the Florida Litigation Guide for the last five years, and I see that it continues to grow and incorporate more areas of law. It is an effective and well researched tool that has made litigation easier for me, and several of the lawyers I work with.

Jamie Alan Sasson
The Ticktin Law Group, P.A.

Even after over 20 years of practice, I find the Florida Litigation Guide to be a tremendously valuable resource. The Florida Litigation Guide provides both those new to the practice of law and the most seasoned veterans a simple to use road map for drafting pleadings. The provision of case cites significantly cuts research time, resulting in a considerable savings of time for me and, consequently, fees for my clients. The Guide is definitely my “go to” tool for civil litigation.

Jonathan S. Robbins
Akerman LLP

When I was a first year litigation associate some 14 years ago, practically every legal issue was one of first impression for me. All assignments I received from the powers that be (the partners for whom I tirelessly toiled) required me to grasp the basic elements of various claims and defenses. Whether I was tasked with drafting pleadings, motions and memoranda or researching nuanced intricacies and obscure legal theories, I spent countless hours trying to get a handle on what was required to allege and prove to sustain or defeat a cause of action. And then I discovered the Florida Litigation Guide. And then life became a little easier.

The Florida Litigation Guide contains all of the elements for the most common (and some not-so-common) claims and defenses recognized by Florida law, and are broken down into simple, easy-to-understand statements. Each claim and defense listed in the Florida Litigation Guide sets forth the leading case law on the subject and brief blurbs of the holdings. As a very careful (read paranoid) lawyer, I always pulled the cases cited in the Guide to confirm their accuracy and continued validity. I never found a single case that was no longer good law or that stood for a different proposition than what was cited.

Now, almost 15 years later, I still regularly consult the Guide and am still regularly led in the right direction. This is a practice tool that should be part of every litigator’s arsenal.

Mac Phillips
Laundau Phillips, P.A.

The Florida Litigation Guide has proven to be an incredibly useful tool in my practice. When I first began practicing, I would spend hours researching proper causes of action, elements for a cause of action, and case law for lawsuits. Finding the Florida Litigation Guide simplified everything and helped make me a much more efficient attorney. The Guide is the most organized and resourceful litigation tool out there for any attorney looking for guidance on preparing a case.

Jordana Sarrell, Managing Partner
Jordana Sarrell, P.A.

Whether you’re drafting a pleading or motion, or preparing for trial, the Florida Litigation Guide is a valuable and efficient litigation resource.

Andrew Vitali III
Homer Bonner Jacobs

The Florida Litigation Guide is an excellent resource. I will often visit the Guide to quickly review the elements and defenses in various causes of action to assist with evaluating claims. It is also helpful when preparing motions and responses as it provides up-to-date case law for each DCA, and points you in the right direction for any research. My time is very valuable, and this Guide helps me effectively utilize it.

Kelli E. Lueckert, Esq.
AndersonGlenn LLP

As a solo practitioner focusing primarily on litigation, The Florida Litigation Guide is an invaluable tool for my practice. It saves me time on researching statutes, elements and case law, and therefore saves my clients money on billable hours. I recommend it without reservation, especially to attorneys from smaller firms that need to keep their overheads low, but their confidence high.

Karan S. Nayee, Esq.
Nayee Law, P.A.

I have used the New York Litigation guide on a few of my recent cases. It is a valuable resource packed with useful information on NY litigation issues. It is a real help to have a resource which contains information on many causes of action in one online guide. It is easy to search and easy to use.

James Rice
Attorney at Law
New York City